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Prima expozitie GreenArts din acest an a avut loc intr-un cadru de basm, Palatul Parlamentului. Desi nu ma impresioneaza obiectele de arhitectura, oricat de impunatoare ar fi ele, preferand in schimb un varf de munte, recunosc ca de data aceasta m-am simtit acolo intr-un fel special. Parca eram Cenusareasa, coborand in graba scarile palatului regal, printre coloane de marmura si sub candelabre de cristal, ca sa ajunga acasa inainte de ora 12.00.









Expozitia s-a desfasurat in cadrul Conferintei BISMUN 2011 (Bucharest International Model United Nations), care a avut ca tema anul acesta: Environment and Millennium Development Goals.

Pe langa aceasta expozitie, care a insufletit spatiului sobru si rece al Senatului, am fost prezenta si la side-event-ul de duminica, unde am sustinut pozitia Asociatiei Ecologice Turismverde cu privire la importanta educatiei de mediu prin intermediul artei si activitatilor in mijlocul naturii.









„In our days environmental protection is no more a matter of choice. Nature gives us more often than ever warning signals so we become aware about the need to move from words to actions and education is one important part of the sollution.

So far,  important steps have been made; environmental protection was included in formal education curricula; children have access to a huge amount of information about nature from books, television, school teachers. But a big distance remains between us and natural environment, a barrier of words, paper, TV screen, which prevents a real commitment, awareness and efficiency in this process.

It is time to make the next step and this is to meet nature face to face, to feel her close, using our all senses and only this way we would be able to say we understand her. We will then be able to empathize, to realize her pain and feel the inner urge to act in its support.”

M-am bucurat ca interventia mea a starnit discutii aprinse, mai ales ca event-ul s-a petrecut exact inainte de masa si sper ca mesajul comunicat acolo sa fi produs o cat de mica schimbare de atitudine fata de situatia mediului natural.

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